Сертифицированное агентство
"Ассоциации Специалистов Недвижимости Украины"

Сертифицированное агентство 'Ассоциации Специалистов Недвижимости Украины'

About us

Dear clients and partners!



My name is Oleh Muzyka. I am the founder of the real estate company “NovaLad”, which is one of the most successful in Chernihiv region. I am on the market since 2008. During this time, I and my team managed to successfully close hundreds of real estate deals. We have a base of regular clients who trust us. In our turn we do our best to justify the trust given to us as to professionals. Any specialist of the real estate company “NOVALAD” will provide you with qualified assistance on any issues ranging from sale of apartment, house or a land plot to reissuance of lost documents and nuances of taxation. Our team has its own work style that involves efficiency, confidentiality and high trust. Through qualitative performance of services, our clients usually become our regular customers.



If you decide to buy or sell an apartment, house, cottage or a plot of land, you can contact us and be sure to receive our help.


Clients frequently contact us on the following issues:


When selling a property:

– Consultations on upcoming sale; clients want to receive a real estate market analysis in order to know what, where and at what price is being sold;

– Free-of-charge real estate valuation;

– Preparation and examination of documents (in case of exclusive sale, valuation for taxation purposes and legal services are free of charge for sellers in our agency);

– Organization of effective advertising campaign;

– Organization and realisation of real estate presentations;

– Effective negotiations with a buyer on price, calculations and other conditions;

– Organization and control of calculations during the deal;

– Rent of safe deposit boxes in banking institutions.




When purchasing a property:
– Consultations on upcoming deal; on-line market analysis on the issue of prices and offers;

– Search for suitable options that fit our clients’ needs;
– Organization of viewing a property;
– Negotiations with a seller on price, calculations and other conditions;

– Due diligence, examination of documents, verification of counterparties;

– Organization and control of calculations during the deal;

– Control of coming into possession of a property.




In addition, clients contact us on legal issues:
– Legal support of turnkey transactions;
– Legalization of unauthorized reconstructions;
– Reissuance and execution of real estate documents;
– Consultations on civil and tax issues;

– Consultations on land legislation;
– Change of the purpose of land;

– Conversion of residential property into commercial property.


The “NovaLad” company has already successfully assisted thousands of the customers. We are ready to cooperate and we know how to help you.


Having once worked with our company, you will understand you are dealing with professionals.



Yours faithfully, Oleh Muzyka
Founder and director of the real estate company “NovaLad”


Additional information on the company: 

– LLC “NovaLad” is certified by the State Property Fund of Ukraine, certificate No. 01342.      

– The company is an associate member of the Ukrainian Union of Real Estate Experts, certificate No. 24-046

– The company is a member of the Ukrainian Association of Real Estate Experts, certificate No. 130Ф

– The “NovaLad” company is in the top 10 in Ukraine. It was recognized and given the international golden award in the nomination for Business Rating Leader. It took the 4th place among the companies for achievement of high economic and financial results, certificate NB005509